Our commitment for the environment

In Doors and windows from Italy®, we do business with passion, which obviously implies respect for our environment and for that matter we love: wood.


Our suppliers, a token of respect for nature.

Wood component of our products comes from eco-certified forests. This means that these forests are managed according to strict processes and regularly inspected by approved organizations. They guarantee a quality wood, trees systematically replaced by new and flourishing wildlife and the surrounding flora.

In addition, our treatment agents (glue, paint, lacquer, etc.) are all governed by European standards that ensure their non-toxicity and their low pollution index.


Recycling priority!

We set up a second life policy of our solid wood drops in each of our plants and with our partners. They are recycled and reused in the manufacture of wood panels composing the families Lombardia, Liguria, Piemonte, Lazio, Molise and Valle d’Aosta.


The importance of the human factor.

Doors and windows from Italy®, it’s above all a human adventure. Like any family business, so we focus on parity and equity in hiring, favoring the transmission of knowledge by recruiting as many seniors as trainees (women and men) and promoting the dynamism of local italian fabrication.


Our involvement

The WING group is active in several technical development projects to insure the future of our planet. Among them, we cite for example the cultivation of the Jatropha plant that reforesting the desert environments and whose qualities are many to build wooden structures and the development of agro-forestry holding back the expansion of agricultural mono-cultures fields unfavorable to some fragile ecosystems and creating fresh islets needed for the survival of our planet.

Did you know?

A forest to abandon dies. Indeed, the spread of invasive plants and shrubs whose growth is much faster than trees, chokes and depriving them of sunlight, killing them slowly. Moreover, wind and lightning are elements which jeopardize several thousand trees per year, uprooting and making the drop on other healthy trees. Therefore Man, cultivating forests (forestry), created a virtuous circle for them and helps their development. To ensure the proper management of their forests and ensure the non-intervention of unscrupulous lobbies, these farmers may apply to be affiliated with an eco-label certification.

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