Ange-Maximilian and his sister Marie-Anastasia NICOLAU, currently presidents of Nicolau Group Wood Industry Group, creator of Doors and windows from Italy®. She presents the new concept.

Ciao * Marie-Anastasia, why this adventure?


My brother and I bathed in the wood world from birth. It is therefore logical that we have built a group that includes the occupations of our father, our grandfather and many members of our family. We decided to represent each of

these businesses by brands.


Why does this brand is called Doors and windows from Italy®?

Because we think that Italy brings together the finest products of construction. They are technical and they are design because design is the soul of Italy. After all, isn’t it the land of Leonardo, of Ferrari, the Maserati, the Lamborghini, Versace, Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci ...


You seem like Italy ...

In our family we always have had a love for Italy: its diversity, its culture, its art, its regions, cities and their monuments, its history ... For us, Italy from ancient to the present Rome represents all the knowledge of Europe, all its technical, it is a showcase that the world envies us.


Who gets your products?

All these products are mainly for export and feed the desire of people to have an architecture, products, an interior and an atmosphere that makes them dream. Our international presence has shown us that in many countries customers are really seekers of Italian style.


Why did a brand encompassing a generality?

Our wish was to provide a range for our customers. The productions of the group is not enough, so we were looking for partners within the Italian industrial fabric.


Could you tell us more?

Our group is a family story, a word which also includes partners and associates. Our partners, which are described in the following pages of this catalog, as well as from our foreign clients and distributors, own all a family business and this is not a coincidence.


How do you explain that?

A family business transmits his passion and expertise generation to generation. It is for us the assurance to offer products shaped in the tradition of wood craft.


Your brand is called Doors and windows from Italy®, or the catalog speaks only of doors ...

Indeed, we have made a selection in our products and those of our partners to make a range but even being selective, we have so many beautiful products that we have to make several catalogs.


So there is a sequel?

Of course, the catalog of windows will follow shortly. It will be the same for our next mark, which will propose the layout, furniture, decoration ...

To be continued.


Would you say something to your customers?

Yes, of course: treat yourself, a beautiful product is not necessarily expensive. The object of your dreams, we are able to fabric it and it’s with joy that we are welcoming you.



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