Partners presentation

A few family companies ensuring complementarity of our production have chosen to adventure Doors and windows from Italy® with us. Based on mutual trust and respect, it allows us to offer our customers a full range that we could’nt offer by our own.

We have decided to present them in order of appearance in the catalog.



Based in Latina, south of Rome that makes us dream so much, Andrea Gelfu and his son Antonio of the company G&A have incredible expertise, certainly inherited from the grandfather who was already a great professional. Their three factories allow them to excel in laminates. Their intelligence and flexibility confine them an indispensable role in the complementarity of our own products. They are great professionals with a beautiful work tool and suche as us, a great desire to export to Italy. Since they are Romans, so they are the Emperors of the laminate...



Heart of the group’s position in Italy, Emilia Romagna has a tradition in the woodworking machine tool and all wood crafts. It is logical that doors and windows are part of the industrial fabric. It is here that we have developed Doorsline and Italdoors, as this is where lies our partner, FG Porte. This extraordinary company was founded by four brothers who are still working together. Giorgi family lives through its doors. These are the Princes of lacquer and veneer. Even more extraordinary, they have successed to combine in their work the following generation, making a sum of incredible skills within this company that has taken advantage of the transmission of knowledge through a generational mix. Armed with a very high homogeneity, they offer a product of great technical and artistic quality.



Tuscany is a specific region in Italy, that wears its own style which combines Italian sophistication and originality known around the world through the finest fashion designers and luxury artisans. Cradle of Leonard Vinci and Botticelli, that is what we find in Toscocornici, where the family Bove produces masterpieces since two generations, Stefano Bove having taken over from his father. Stefano is not only a new Florentine artist, he is also the Champion of bespoke and monumental doors he fabrics in its plant with technical expertise combining secular and advanced technologies.



In its factory-castle, behind its towers, the Duke of handle is welcoming us to Preseglie (BS) in a dazzling showroom. The company Frosio Bortolo, led by Omar Frosio, is still a family affair. With all imaginable range of handles for the delight of our eyes, the smelter spreads to our fingertips Italian art. And what about the high-end sets up the monumental gates delivered in a velvet box contained a wooden box ... With Frosio Bortolo, we can provide magic to our customers.



Another family, another skill, even a fabulous story ... Nicolas Franzé and all his warmhearted family are working within ItalBlindo and are manufacturing entry doors that are beautiful and sturdy. Their factory, located in a remote and beautiful region, allows them to confer their doors a south italian character. Their products complement our range perfectly and protects the treasures that are our other doors.

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